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NEWS: "Alone" Filmed! (Again)

It happened, again! Alone has been filmed for the umpteenth time, adding it to my list of writing credits for this script alone (no pun intended).

From high school and college class assignments, to independent filmmakers and those who are just trying to build their portfolio, this screenplay has been used and abused so many times that I've lost count. Not to sound pompous in any way, it's just that this script has been my most sought out screenplay I've ever written, due to how easy and low budget it is to film it.

So go ahead, give the video above a view, just to see for yourself.

Way back when I was still in film school at [school name redacted], I had written the screenplay for one of SimplyScript's now many One Week Challenges, where we are given certain parameters or genres/themes and must apply them to a limited-paged screenplay in a week's time. Now, this script was written literally ten years ago, so I do not remember the parameters, but this script received mixed reviews from readers, and raving reviews from filmmakers. So much so, that everyone, including myself, had to film it.

So, below you will find my version of Alone that was shot and edited all with classmates (and one professor) outside of class, for experience and portfolio's sake, since it was such an easy film to produce.

What's real funny, and frustrating, is that this film was such a huge hit between my classmates and me, that we attempted to turn it into a web series, following different types of people and their stories during an apocalyptic scenario. However, as the saying goes, there were too many cooks in the kitchen, and eventually the entire project fell apart. I knew that that was going to happen, but at least the original screenplay came to fruition. And it turned out very well, might I add.

Here is the script, in case you are interested in reading along. Please send me a message or leave a comment if you are interested in getting this script filmed (yet again!)

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