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In this slow-burn thriller, it’s a fight between reality and lore as Kat Richards must overcome her sanity before someone is killed—including her.


Kat is struggling. Her father is in the hospital with cancer, she’s late on her rent, and she feels stuck at her bartending job while attending nursing school.


One night, her friend, Amanda, finds a job posting online asking for a caretaker of an elderly patient at an estate. With nowhere else to turn, and pressure from Amanda and her boyfriend, Sterling, Kat applies for and gets the position.


She arrives at the estate where she tends to Margaret Grant, a quiet old woman in a wheelchair who never speaks. She is the original owner of the estate, but due to her deteriorating condition, the ownership was passed to Thomas Grant, a mysterious man who hides in the shadows and only plays at night. He is a former magician, and is cared for by Nathaniel, a proper, cordial servant who does the chores, runs the errands, and makes the calls.


As Kat cares for Margaret, she begins to notice small details that lead her to believe that Thomas is not who, or what, he seems, and that he’s hiding sinister deeds that have yet to be unleashed.

Twisted Books to leave you Shook
Twisted Books to Leave You Shook
Sean Elwood

Fright Filter
(Book 1 of Twisted Books to Leave You Shook)

In the tradition of Goosebumps and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark comes Twisted Books to Leave You Shook, the chilling middle-grade anthology series from C.S. James!

Twelve-year-old Nicole loves playing with the face filters on her phone. When she discovers an app update with a new selection of monster filters, she can’t wait to try it out. But the monster filters prove to be a little too real, and now Nicole may have changed her face in real life…forever.

Then stay shook with another tale of body horror, It Started with an Itch, a terrifying bonus story by Sean Elwood!

Are you ready to be shook?

Sean Elwood Grosvenor Arms

Grosvenor Arms

Welcome to Grosvenor Arms...

Welcome to Grosvenor Arms, a 6-story-tall apartment full of eclectic residents that each hold pieces of a story of what happened to a missing couple who reside in the building.


Officer Walter Wolfe has arrived to Grosvenor Arms to conduct a welfare check on Jeffrey and Tamara Burmeister, a couple who live on the sixth floor of the building. It has been two days since anyone has heard from either two, and Wolfe is here to figure out why. But first, he must wait for the landlord to arrive with the key to open the door.


In the meantime, he makes his trek up the stairs, floor by floor, and interviewing each resident of the building:


Floor One: Miss Lily Berg, a short and stout, bubbly anatomy professor who had befriended Tamara shortly after Tamara had moved in. Lily helps Tamara with her lines as she earns her way toward becoming a successful actress, while also being someone to talk to about her problems with Jeffrey.

Floor Two: Monica Snyder, a retired model who has traveled the world to places not many people get to see. She uses her seductive looks to lure in unsuspecting men for casual encounters, and also holds intuition about Jeffrey that might ring a little too true.


Floor Three: A trio of Vietnamese brothers and their mother who own a family restaurant, while the brothers partake in gang-related activities. They had a heated confrontation with Jeffrey shortly before he’d been reported missing, while confessing that Tamara may have a serious illness.


Floor Four: Marky Mesquite, a gay computer technician that loves himself a Bloody Mary. He reveals that Jeffrey has questionable tendencies while Tamara may have an illness that’s more bizarre than anything else.


Floor Five: Twin brothers who have no social skills whatsoever. While living in a dump, they have the attention span of less than that of a goldfish, buzzing back and forth in neverending bickering, but provide bizarre details about Jeffrey and provide a clue about Tamara that makes the case more interesting than it already was.


Floor Six: The top unit apartment where the couple reside, locked and separating Wolfe from all the answers to his questions. What happened to Jeffrey and Tamara Burmeister?

afterlife afterdeath sean elwood art short stories horror anthology ghost monster demon supernatural paranormal

AfterLife AfterDeath: Stories for the Dark




AfterLife AfterDeath: Stories for the Dark presents nineteen chilling tales that will creep beneath your skin and chill you to the bone, opening up some of the most primal feelings that every human being retains of death, darkness, and the fear of the unknown. Follow a man who returns to his childhood home after his mother’s suicide, only to discover something evil residing within it, and has been waiting for him to return; A dispatch operator receives a terrifying 911 call from a frantic woman who finds her entire family slaughtered; Three teens chasing an urban legend get more than they bargained for when the rumor ends up being true, and more than just a ghost story; A public channel broadcasts something strange to the residents of an apartment building, who begin to act even stranger; A horrific nightmare comes to life for a passenger on a plane traveling overseas. These stories will make you reconsider what truly lives in the darkest shadows of your home, and instill fears you thought you would never have. Turn the lights off!

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