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When his abusive mother commits suicide, a schoolteacher returns to his childhood home in hopes of selling it, only to discover something evil in the house awaiting his return.


Like mother, like son.

“Where the Bad Kids Go” begins with a BANG of a crawl space door.

Young Jesse Lambert is thrown into the dark, dank depths of a dilapidated basement by his abusive, alcoholic mother, Helen Lambert. He endures years of this terror throughout his childhood, until one night she attempts to kill him with a large kitchen knife. After he avoids possible death, Child Protective Services saves him from the grueling torture of living under her terrifying tyranny.

Sixteen years later, Jesse, now a third grade schoolteacher, receives the news that Helen has committed suicide by setting herself on fire. He decides to return to his childhood home for preparation to sell it, and ultimately confront his dark past once and for all.

There, Jesse reunites with his childhood best friend, Marco Valencia, a handsome police officer who was brought back to his hometown by a strong urge to return. He provides support to Jesse during these hard, dark times, and the two rekindle a love that was once had when they were kids.

Jesse is later confronted by his estranged father, Trent Williams, a man who ran off when Jesse was only three after attacking Helen one night in a drunken argument. Trent admits the truth of that night, and tells horrifying encounters that he had with Helen, revealing darker secrets than Jesse could imagine.

Soon, Jesse discovers that something evil lurks within the depths of the house, and after all these years, it’s been waiting for him to return.

Follow a man into grief, despair, and madness.

We all have our demons. Sometimes they just happen to be real.

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