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While caring for an elderly patient in a large estate, a young caretaker attempts to prove whether or not the man who hired her is a monster.


In this slow-burn thriller, it’s a fight between reality and lore as Kat Richards must overcome her sanity before someone is killed—including her.

Kat is struggling. Her father is in the hospital with cancer, she’s late on her rent, and she feels stuck at her bartending job while attending nursing school.

One night, her friend, Amanda, finds a job posting online asking for a caretaker of an elderly patient at an estate. With nowhere else to turn, and pressure from Amanda and her boyfriend, Sterling, Kat applies for and gets the position.

She arrives at the estate where she tends to Margaret Grant, a quiet old woman in a wheelchair who never speaks. She is the original owner of the estate, but due to her deteriorating condition, the ownership was passed to Thomas Grant, a mysterious man who hides in the shadows and only plays at night. He is a former magician, and is cared for by Nathaniel, a proper, cordial servant who does the chores, runs the errands, and makes the calls.

As Kat cares for Margaret, she begins to notice small details that lead her to believe that Thomas is not who, or what, he seems, and that he’s hiding sinister deeds that have yet to be unleashed.

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