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All is fair in love and war. A hopeless romantic gay man resorts to bloodshed to win the coveted position of Bridesmaid.


Timothy and Vivian Wimberly cordially invite you to their marriage ceremony, located in the Bahamas on a secluded bed and breakfast. Join us for drinks, dancing and SHENANIGANS to follow.

SCREAM meets BRIDESMAIDS in this goofy dark comedy about a hopeless romantic who’s willing to kill to be a part of a wedding party as a bridesmaid.

Meet Dan a sociopathic, gay romanticist willing to do anything to make his way into the wedding party to be next to his best friend and bride, Vivian. Obsessive, narcissistic, and crass, Dan immediately hops on the opportunity to fill in the recent opening of bridesmaid after one dies unexpectedly at the bachelorette party. But when Vivian turns him down, making him the Guest of Honor, Dan realizes that the friendship he and Vivian had was nothing more than a memory of the past.

That’s when Dan pairs with Polly the Planner, his other best friend, and a wedding planner who’s planned plenty of murders but has just never carried any out. A demented, sadistic, Wednesday Addams-type persona, Polly is willing to spill blood for Dan to get him into the wedding party. Or, willing to kill just for the hell of it.

Through planning and preparation, Dan and Polly embark on their murder spree once the wedding party boards a ferry traveling to the Bahamas where a secluded bed and breakfast awaits their arrival.

Among the wedding guests are: Greg, a Clark Kent-type wedding photographer; Shauna, the maid of honor and a “capital B” bitch who wants to make Dan’s life miserable; Aunt Wanda and Frenchie, two slutty rivals who are after Connor, a groomsman; Zack, the best man; Brad, a ex-groomsman; and the parents of the bride and groom.

As the days to the wedding ceremony approach, Dan attempts to get near his goal, while tensions rise between him and Polly that strains their friendship, allowing Dan to question who his real friend is: Vivian or Polly?

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