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Six friends take a trip to the mountains, only to find that the house they're staying in is alive, and it needs to feed.


Four years after their fraternity brother committed suicide, a group of college friends go on a vacation in his honor to a luxurious house in the mountains of Colorado.

Peter, a young, fragile man who struggles with depression, and Mikey, his handsome and outgoing older brother, band together with Steve, a doctor; Kellen, an analyst; Richard, a rich asshole; and Brandon, a bear of man, for the vacation of their lifetime—which might be their last!

What they thought was the perfect vacation destination ends up being a fight for their lives when they discover the house is alive…

…and it needs to feed.

Trapped inside, the clock ticks down before the gang is eaten and digested by the house one by one, unless they can manage to find a way out.

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