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Following her father's death, a college freshman girl receives an empty box containing something evil.


A month after her father was killed cold-blooded, Bailey Rogers, a college freshman, receives a seemingly empty cardboard box delivered to her dorm room. What she thought was a harmless prank ends up becoming a horrifying road down a rabbit hole of mystery, secrets, and death.

Bailey, recently entering college, is struggling with her father’s death after he was murdered by a stranger while at work. When an empty box is delivered to her dorm room, with nothing but the name “Valerie Henderson” written on the side of it, things take a turn for the worst.

Bailey begins to hallucinate the sounds and sights of flies. The box she received mysteriously shows up in her dorm room, even after she’s thrown it away. And soon, a dark figure begins to stalk her and her friends.

When Bailey’s best friend, Stacey, is mysteriously attacked and killed, she sets out to solve the evil that has entered her life ever since she received the box. She discovers that Valerie Henderson was a young girl who was kidnapped near the area years ago, and Bailey believes she’s trying to contact her.

Exhausted from lack of sleep, and more recently, fear, Bailey is questioned by her boyfriend, Theo, and her therapist, Lisa, about her motives and recent behavior, but Bailey insists she’s being contacted by a girl in need, whether she’s alive or not.

As she digs deeper, Bailey realizes her father had secrets of his own that will flip her whole life upside down.

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